Apple Tree

     Plant Chef Club was founded in 2018 when I was hit with a seriously sick gall bladder. After being diagnosed, I was informed that I also had a fatty liver. I dove into research to figure out how to cure this, and discovered that a plant based diet that was low in fat would be the best path for me.

         I had been vegan/vegetarian on and off-for many years over my life, so I was not scared but excited. I had a long passion for fresh fruits and vegetables, which was instilled by my grandmother Mildred. I had completed culinary training where my specialty was vegan cooking, and knew that I could make delicious food.

        Being the student that I am, I wanted to learn more. Since then I have completed the T. Colin Campbell's Plane Based Nutrition program through eCornell University. That lead me to go on to become certified in both Vegan Health Coaching and Plant Based Nutrition.

I am passionate about saving the planet and animals, but also in saving you. I know that a plant based diet will improve your health, no matter where you are. Let's go on this journey together!